Award Nomination

GNEMSDC/MBEIC Annual Awards Banquet Supplier of the Year Process

Each year, at its annual Award Dinner, The Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. (GNEMSDC), recognizes those certified minority suppliers who have distinguished themselves and their business by:

  • Successfully demonstrating growth in sales and employment while overcoming significant obstacles;
  • Consistently providing high quality products and services at competitive prices, offering innovative approaches, cost-saving ideas;
  • MBE to MBE Purchases; and
  • Significantly contributing to the growth and development of societyin their community

2014 Corporate Award

2014 Supplier of the Year Nomination Form

Supplier of the Year winners for 2013

  • Category 1 - CommVerge Marketing
  • Category 2 - Kool Ink dba Sir Speedy Printing of Bloomfield
  • Category 3 - Banneker Industries, Inc.
  • Category 4 - Aquent, LLC
  • Reciprocal of the Year - Rose International, Inc.

Awards Classification and Selection Process

Certified minority suppliers can be entered and win in one of 4 awards classifications based on their annual sales:

  • Class 1 - Annual sales less than $1 million

  • Class 2 - Annual sales between $1 million and less than $10 million

  • Class 3 - Annual sales between $10 million and less than $50 million

  • Class 4 - Annual sales greater than $50 million

  • Reciprocal - Out of state MBE doing business in New England and MUST be certified as Reciprocal with GNEMSDC

Point System
Points are awarded on a strictly defined system in the following categories:

History and growth development of the company; major obstacles that wereovercomed; demonstrated Growth in sales and employment 45
Operations: quality of products and services, delivery performance, servicing, competitiveness, major customers 45
MBE to MBE purchases 5
Community involvement and major accomplishments 5